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Individual Therapy

It enables you to get closer to yourself, to listen more to your feelings, your body and your needs. This helps you better to manage the difficult things in life.

Ατομικές Συνεδρίες Ψυχοθεραπείας

Individual Sessions

In life we are all called upon to deal with situations in personal, relationship, family, social and professional level that involve high complexity, these situations can cause us to suffer for a long time or lead us to a dead end.

The therapeutic approach we apply is the synthetic approach. Through this we use specific management techniques depending on the client, his/her need and the request he/she brings, by always taking into account that every person is unique. Our goal is to formulate the best possible combination of techniques and approaches so that we can respond in the best possible way to the person who comes to us.

One of the primary purposes of individual therapy is to create a therapeutic relationship "connection". Through this relationship a safe environment of trust and understanding is created so that you can share your problems. Psychotherapy enables you to get closer to yourself, to listen more to your feelings, your body and the needs you have. By listening more to your emotional world, and expressing your needs you learn to better manage difficult situations that may involve negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, fear and anger.

With the help of the psychologist the objective is to address these negative thoughts that make it difficult for you in your daily life. So that you can build a new path that will lead you to the destination that you want and need so much.

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What happens in the first session?

The first session is an introductory session, the purpose for the therapist is to listen to and understand the request that the client brings and to agree on how to work towards addressing it.

How long is the duration of a session?

Individual sessions last at least 50 minutes.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

The frequency is something that is agreed between the therapist and the client at the beginning of the treatment. Usually sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis.

Can I trust a psychologist with my secrets?

Of course, a certified psychologist follows the necessary codes of ethics and professional confidentiality.