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Our Philosophy

Growing up we learn from society and from our family environment that if you are not strong, smart, talented, that means you are weak, stupid and useless. Millions of people find it difficult to express their emotional world. Most of us have learned (especially men) not to look hurt, vulnerable, to pretend that we are always strong. How simple it is to always be strong , or to always do the right thing. The psychological cost of being so rigid is enormous.

The purpose of Psychology Matters is to increase people's awareness of how important psychology is in our lives. That it is not something we should take for granted. 

Our mental health is not so different from our physical health. Research has shown that chronic stress causes problems and is strongly correlated to autoimmune diseases and illnesses. Viewing things as black or white causes many problems in our lives, among these colors there are so many shades that we find it difficult to recognize. 

The ability to be able to see things differently makes us find the balance so that we can cope and can more easily handle the problems of our daily life.   

For our part, we want to put a little bit of conscience and responsibility (empathy) about how much our psychology matters. We are confident that any engagement with the field of psychology has direct results in empowering mental health awareness and the important relationships in our lives.  

We hope our social media and web pages will create a deeper empathy first for yourself and then for your significant others which will help to better manage the difficulties of everyday life. 

That's why we named this page Psychology Matters because our mental health matters much more than we think. 

It is important for us to hear your thoughts (opinions) on how your involvement with psychology has benefited your life and those around you.